Imad Essalih



My name is Imad, I was born and raised in Belgium by Moroccan parents who emigrated in the 80s. After spending my childhood in Flanders, I decided to go to Brussels to study Business Engineering at ICHEC Brussels Management School. After a first challenging experience in recruitment, I am now Business Manager for a small consulting company named Business & Engineering Solutions – it was the best way for me to have both the human and technical aspects. What makes us different from other consulting companies is that our focus goes to our collaborators’ personal and professional development.

Why mentoring

As a student at ICHEC, I was quite involved in an international organization (AIESEC) whose purpose is to develop human-kind potential in order to have a positive impact in the world. Today, I still believe that by knowing and accepting yourself, you can truly unleash your own very special potential. Through my personal and professional life, I developed a keen interest in human behavior (their perception of the world, what drives them, what events in their lives defines them today, etc). Emotions being my main driver I believe I’ve developed enough emotional intelligence to truly understand people and help them grow.