Mentorship Program

What is Shape Your Future mentorship?

Shape Your Future is a mentoring program that connects motivated young people (mentees) with more experienced mentors, providing guidance and encouragement in choosing the right path during what can be for many a critical period.

Are you having a hard time understanding what possibilities are out there for you, what the professional world looks like, and how you could best fit in it? Would you like to get a more experienced person's perspective on your goals and ambitions? Exchange ideas and concerns with your mentor, creating a nurturing environment in which your questions can be resolved.

Our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section will allow you to learn more about Shape Your Future, and whether this unique and free-of-charge learning opportunity is for you.

Why reach out to a mentor?

Discover your potential

What are your strengths and weaknesses? Learn more about yourself and get equipped with tools which will enhance your growth.

Start doing new things

Unlock your potential through interesting new activities, while developing skills and learning efficient methods to reach your goals.

Prepare for your future

Would you be interested in joining top universities or the job market? Your mentor can show you how to apply for scholarships, prepare your application or write your CV.

Meet like-minded young people

Join a community of mentors and mentees of different backgrounds and similar mindset from Luxembourg and abroad.

Who we are

Shape Your Future is an initiative of the Global Shapers Luxembourg a.s.b.l., the Luxembourg representation of the Global Shapers Community.

The Global Shapers Community is a network of hubs founded and led by young people who are exceptional in their potential, their achievements and their drive to make a contribution to their communities. They represent all walks of life and share a spirit of entrepreneurship in the global public interest.

Through Shape Your Future, the Global Shapers Luxembourg aspires to contribute to the development of young people who are unique through their personality, ambition to excel, leadership and their civil engagement; independently of their socio-economic background.

With Shape Your Future, Global Shapers Luxembourg A.S.B.L. seeks to develop: Ethics, excellence, leadership and civic engagement.


Our program is built on reinforcing self-esteem and values such as courage, humility and solidarity.

Excellence and entrepreneurial spirit

Ability to develop a critical and curious mind, implement creative and simple solutions in the face of challenging goals, will to get outstanding results in one or multiple areas.

Leadership abilities

Commitment to hard work and continuous improvement, supported by high aspirations, healthy risk taking and ability to inspire others.

Civic engagement

Active use of your skills and time to improve the quality of a community’s life through both individual and collective actions.

Why we do it

One of the aspirations of Global Shapers Luxembourg is to contribute to the development of young people with commitment to excellence, regardless of their socio-economic background.

With Shape Your Future, Global Shapers Luxembourg aims to build an ever-growing platform which brings together those who have experience and those who need advice and guidance.

We believe that our program can help young people and provide them with an excellent start for any academic or professional path, at home or abroad.

Mentors will help many motivated young mentees make informed decisions about their future careers and how to kick them off with the relevant tools.

We would like to instill the culture of selfless help to others in our mentees. We believe that through Shape Your Future, we can entice young people to help their peers and next generations.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, we don’t take the reputation of your school/university into account. We focus on your dynamism, your interests and your ambitions. The mentoring program is designed for university and high school students, young refugees or unemployed. You do not have to study at a university, grammar school or lycée to become our mentee. What we value more is whether you are active and what your interests and ambitions are.

The first part of the program will focus on exploring your needs and expectations. This allow us to match you with the best possible mentor and to understand what he can support you with. Consequently, if you have any specific topics or questions you need guidance or mentoring on, make sure to state them in your application. Remember our mentors are willing to help you if you show proactivity and think about your future. Your discussions will be structured in such a way as to help you prepare your mind for the decisions to be taken in the (near) future.

Not at all. In fact, all our mentors speak several languages therefore you do not need to speak English. However, if you want to brush up on your English, your mentor will be happy to help you.

No. Shape Your Future mentorship is there for those who wish to improve their abilities and make a difference, independently of where or what they (intend to) study.

You can discuss openly about a lot of topics with your mentor, including your future (what university, college or internship to choose or where to start your career). Your mentor will be happy to talk to you to see how you think about the world or your future.

If you are currently not able to choose between your interests, being able to talk with your mentor will help you clarify your thoughts. Your uncertainty is therefore not an obstacle, as long as we can see that it stems from curiosity and your desire to grow and explore new things.

Your project can be any activity with well-defined objectives and results that can be achieved in five months, which you have already taken up, or would like to undertake. In your application, you can specify the focus areas or subjects you are considering, and state an example of activities or projects you would like to work on.

Once the mentor/mentee pairs are matched, you and your mentor will design a mentoring roadmap, and define measurable goals that can be achieved by the end of the program.

These are examples of Shape Your Future’s students’ goals/projects:

  • I want to launch a debate club at my school;
  • I want to run the school newspaper;
  • I want to make it to the finals of a robotics competition;
  • I want to prepare for university entrance exam;
  • I want to lead a team of members of our student parliament;
  • I want to get a hands-on experience in medicine;
  • I want to create an Alumni association of my school,...

You are lacking inspiration for a project, but you know you need guidance to help you blossom? We want you to apply as well! If you’re showing enough drive, we can find a goal for you to reach, together.

No need to be a brilliant student or a national swimming champion to join us. What we value most is your dynamism, your interests and your ambitions.

If you are interested in the world around you and would like to exchange ideas with more experimented young professionals, or if you are continuously searching for new opportunities to develop yourself, then Shape Your Future is made for you.

It is certainly gratifying to have good school results or excel in a sport. However, you can express your talents and skills in various shapes and forms.

It is possible that you are precisely looking for how to be a better version of yourself or that you need to be guided to be that version. We are here to help you!

We are looking for young people mindful of the world around them and that want to achieve their true potential. We offer help to those that see education as much more than something compulsory. We encourage and guide because we understand we don’t all start with the same chances to grow in a stimulating environment, would it be at home, at school or in our hometowns.