Lucia Moreno-Manzanaro



Lucia Moreno-Manzanaro was born in Madrid in 1991 and has lived in Canada, Belgium, France and the United States for both her education and professional career. She holds a double Bachelor’s degree in Arts in Digital Filmmaking and International Relations. She currently resides in Madrid and works for the European Spine Study Group as their Local Coordinator, but her true dedication lies in the arts and travel. She speaks fluent French and her mother tongue is both English and Spanish.

Why mentoring

Many times, I wish I had had a mentor as I navigated through the challenges and experiences of my own life. After learning what I have learned, the possibility of connecting with someone, exchanging ambitions, projects, as well as fears and doubts , motivates me tremendously. We are all in this journey together and are here to learn and grow from each other!