Lubomir Janos



Originally from Slovakia, Lubomir studied banking at the University of Birmingham in the UK and finance at the Rotterdam School of Management in the Netherlands. He currently works at the European Investment Bank as an Investment Officer, where he talks to the local governments and private fund managers in the West of the European Union, looking for investment platforms with a focus on small and medium businesses or projects in the renewable energy and energy efficiency sectors. Before joining the EIB, Lubomir worked at the Slovak Ministry of Finance. As a Financial Analyst, he evaluated various policies related to the financial sector in Slovakia and forecasted inputs for the government’s budget.

Why mentoring

As a young student, I always appreciated talks with different people about topics that caught my interest. As a young professional, I enjoy learning what drives the youth today and if asked, I like sharing my knowledge. You will find that I am generally very positive because my motto is: Every experience is a good experience!