Gala Gosset



Gala is originally from Belgium but grew up in Canary Islands most of her life. She comes from a family of artists and entrepreneurs from which she inherited her drive and determination for beautiful things in life. She Lived and worked in many of the big cities (London, Shanghai, Paris, Madrid, Whashington DC, Brussels...) where she discovered the benefits of human and cultural diversity. Besides having many passions and interests in life, she finally chooses to focus on its business acumen, pursues a bachelor and 2 masters in business & finance, and eventually ends up in investment banking, where today she works as a sales trader in the City of London. Her moto: “You are the creator, leader and executor of your own future. We only have to believe in it!“

Why mentoring

If I have come so far today in my career/life is thanks to people that inspired me and people who believed in me when I did not. I would like to share my knowledge and this energy with people that need it the most. As Warrent Buffet said, “everybody should have a mentor”; Let me be your mentor!