Christopher Vareika



Christopher has lived in Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland and the United States for both his education and professional career. After having kick-started his career in Europe, Christopher moved across the Atlantic and currently resides in New York where he works for Ernst & Young in their transaction advisory team. While he likes to travel and network, Christopher is a real sport enthusiast. He has challenged himself in several disciplines, but his real sport talent came to light at the age of 16 where he got selected by the Luxembourgish track and field national team. Although he is no longer part of the national team, he is still an avid runner who tries to run in every city he goes to.

Why mentoring

Having been mentored along my professional career, it made me discover the law of value and authenticity. That our real worth is defined by how much more value we give compared to what we receive and that the biggest and most valuable gift everybody can offer is themselves.