Mentee Guide

When We Grow Others, We Grow Ourselves

Shape Your Future (SYF) is a selective and free-of-charge mentoring programme connecting motivated mentees with more experienced mentors, providing guidance and encouragement in choosing the right path during what can be for many a critical period. The purpose of this project is to build long-lasting and productive mentor-mentee relationships. Shape Your Future mentorship is an initiative of Global Shapers Luxembourg A.S.B.L.

Global Shapers Luxembourg is a non-profit organization under the umbrella of the Global Shapers Community, a youth movement aiming to bring positive social impact to local communities. Through the Shape Your Future mentorship, the Global Shapers Luxembourg aspires to contribute to the development of young people with the potential to grow into Global Shapers, demonstrating character, excellence, entrepreneurial leadership and civic engagement, regardless of their socio-economic background.

What can mentees expect?

After filling in the online application form, successful candidates will be contacted by the SYF organizing team.

Mentee candidates will be either offered a mentor directly or invited for an interview to discuss their mentoring needs and possibilities on our side further. The SYF mentorship programme has a limited capacity of mentors and mentees might not able to be assigned their mentor of choice. Once the mentor-mentee couples are created, they will design an action plan for the next 5 months. During this period, mentor-mentee couples will meet on a regular basis. With the mentor's support, mentee can carry out a small project, or activity. It will serve as a practical basis for your discussions and will give you a chance to put your newly acquired skills into practice. In addition, you can get in touch with other mentors in our program or you can meet dozens of young people like you.

What do we expect from our mentees?

Length and frequency: The mentoring for any one mentor-mentee couple lasts for 5 months. We recommend scheduling your meetings at least once per month. Mentors and mentees can withdraw from mentorship with notice to the SYF Organizing team.

Mentoring: Mentor-mentee couples devote their meetings to various activities specific to the needs of each couple; depending on the mentee's wishes and the mentor's availability the activities can revolve around personal development, consulting, feedback, information resources, “Shadowing”, networking, etc.). It is important that the mentor and the mentee share the same expectations towards the range of activities.

Communication: Communication is key in SYF. Therefore, we encourage our mentees to communicate clearly their expectations with their mentors and take ownership. Acknowledge that your mentor is doing it pro bono and it is important that mentees respect mentors’ time.

  • Be on time
  • Define your needs, set measurable and realistic goals with the help of your mentor
  • Have an agenda for each meeting
  • Take the initiative, recognize the need for mentoring and seek it out
  • Avoid perfectionism, accept that you will make mistakes, and learn from them
  • Be prepared to give your best
  • Welcome new experience, be enthusiastic about pursuing the widest range of experience
  • Do communicate with the organizing team if you face any issue
  • Do a follow up
  • Do not expect mentors to solve all your problems for you
  • Do not expect mentors to do work that you should be doing yourselves
  • Do not shy away from new learning experiences
  • Do not use friendship with a mentor as a tool to avoid work or escape the consequences of your own activities
  • Do not avoid talking about your challenges concerns because it makes you seem less than perfect
  • Recognize that everyone has something to teach you
  • Do not cancel the meeting on last minute